Thursday, April 30, 2009

Different update

An update on a different project. A few posts down I showed some shots of this street scene and said I would completely re-work the lighting, and here's what I have so far. I basically deleted every single light in the original scene and just started from scratch. I'm also playing with glow effects and some depth of field on the camera to help add to the soft, sort of dreamy-ish look I'm going for.


Anonymous said...

You are definitely achieving the dreamy-ish look as well as increasing my curiosity! So the street gives a mysterious welcoming, it would be a great place for a story to begin. Don’t you think?

Josue Mariscal said...

OHH shittt!!!

Jorge Zarate said...

Nice brew mr. wizard. Of course I love it. Although I would like to see maybe one more light. Behind the bridge but infront of the first building. A lot of your hard work in texturing and modelling gets lost in the darkness.

Awesome work.