Friday, September 21, 2012

The Warm Hearth

Recently took a day trip to Julian and found this tasty Halloween merchandise/display inside a great home goods shop called The Warm Hearth. Among the awesomeness were some beautiful pieces by Pumpkinrot (the two prominent pumpkins here are part of the collection). I bought two myself and will be coming back for more.

Check out Pumpkinrot's blog and the rest of the Pumpkin Hollow collection. Great Halloween goodness all around.


Rot said...

THANKS for taking those photos and for featuring Bean's pumpkins.

It's so cool seeing them in a store!

We're just insanely grateful.

Arnaud de Vallois said...

Go Bean! They told me they weren't quite done with the display so I'll be going back for seconds. I can email you guys the pics I'll take if you'd like.