Saturday, January 19, 2013

Edgar Allan Poe

Tried to get this done in time for his birthday today, but still needs work. I'll try and finish it up soon and update the image.

In the meantime, I've referenced nine of his works in this image. Some more ambiguous than others..Name them!


Freakanzoy said...

This is a beautiful piece.
I had a great time picking out all the references :)

Arnaud de Vallois said...

thanks, Laury!

Anonymous said...

Have not stopped by your blog in awhile but was out having coffee with friends got talking about your art and ended up here. No surprises, amazing as usual...and one of my very favorite subjects :)


Arnaud de Vallois said...

hey, thanks!

Kelly said...

This is FANTASTIC! I love it

Unknown said...

Hi I love this and am trying to find out where I can buy a print. Can you tell me where i can do this please as I can't seem to find it

Thank you

Kind regards